Six Arguments Against War


It seems like war is more prevalent than ever. Whether you agree with that consensus or not, you can’t deny the fact that war is fairly consistent in virtually all current forms of society, and it has been something of a mainstay throughout history.

The fact of the matter is that whether a war is popular or unpopular with the general population, there are always going to be people who take a strong anti-war stance. There are several reasons as to why they might go this route. People generally have at least one or two strong arguments that they feel sums up why war is a regrettable, tragic course of action. Some people will have several clear-cut arguments in place that are designed to protest war, deconstruct the so-called reasons as to why war is a necessary component to civilized life, and illustrate the alternatives that are in fact available.

Someone who is new to the anti-war mentality is going to find the discovery of the arguments against war to be fascinating.

Ten Anti-War Arguments

The potential for new wars exists every day. Numerous conflicts are going on across the globe, even as these words are being typed.

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For past conflicts, current wars, and future events, these are some of the arguments against war that people are likely to be taken:

  • War is war: Even if human solider never touches the actual ground of the country they’re fighting in, even if it’s purely a war of technology, it is still war.
  • People are tired of wars: Even in situations in which public opinion of a certain war is quite high, people are by and large still very wary of everything that war can potentially entail.
  • The political component: As people are becoming increasingly aware of the political motivations behind a war, the concept of “just” wars is rapidly becoming extinct on a grand scale.
  • The war companies: We are becoming increasingly aware of how many different companies stand to gain extraordinary financial rewards for participating in a war.
  • Governments are no longer seen as being as trustworthy as they once were: Vietnam, the lack of WMDs in Iraq. These are things that have created auras of distrust, ready to meet a country that claims it has just cause for war.
  • War is expensive: Imagine how much money has been spent on war in the past ten years. Then imagine how that many could potentially have been spent on food, clothing, and education.