Let Us Help Syrian Refugees

What is a refugee? A refugee is a person fleeing his homeland because of eminent danger, persecution, violence, threats and abuse. Syria has been in a state of war since a demonstrations in March 15, 2011 that turned out to be a bloody start to a war.

The said demonstration started out as pro democratic anti government rallyists put a demonstration against the President Bashar al-Assad of Syria as well as to support the Arab Spring, a movement that happened in nearby countries of Tunisia and Egypt. The Arab Spring lead to the explusion of the Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Back in Syria, 15 young men sprayed graffiti on walls as an act of defiance against the government and to support the Arab Spring. However the Syrian President responded by arresting and torturing the 15 boys. Some of them even got killed.

After the said incident, rallyists put up a protest on March 15, 2015. However the said demonstration ended in a bloody explusion and dispersion since the president ordered a forceful tactic in stopping the said movement. He had imprisoned and tortured many of the rallyist, while hundreds more where killed.

In July of 2011, the Free Syrian Army was formed and lead a rebellion against the government to rid it of it’s President and its leaders. And thus came about the Syrian Civil War.

The Syrian Refugees

Much of Syria has been under massive bombing. Buildings are flattened out by airstrikes. Children are no longer able to go to school. Men and women suffer trauma. Many people are trapped alive in collapsing rubble of buildings being bombed.

Aleppo, one of Syria’s prominent cities has suffered a lot. Pictures on the internet circulate showing how the once beautiful city has now been turned into a pile rubble and stones.

Many Syrians have decided to flee their country in order for them to survive. Some of them have gone to Europe, Canada, Greece while others go to Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. Because of this move, many of them a victimized through slavery, prostitution, human trafficking and extortion. The paths out of Syria can be perilous and dangerous.

Leftists and rightists scatter in their way out of Syria. Some rightists groups refuse to let Syrians leave their mother country. Massive air raids however endanger their lives if they stay behind.

How to Help Syrians

Many NGOs and Government organizations alike have opened their doors to Syrians. Much of the states in US though has denied refuge to Syrian Refugees. Fear of terrorism has kept 31 US States from opening their doors to refugees.

Terrorist attacks such a the one that happened in France was said to be caused by a terrorist pretending to be a refugee who entered via Greece is something first wold countries fear.

But Syrians are humans too. They long for peace. They long for life. They want to live in peace. And the only way they can find peace is through finding refuge in other countries.

A few years back, a picture of drowned and dead Syrians shook the internet. Many Syrians cram themselves in boats to flee the air-raids and the wars.

1. Donate – A small amount of money can help give life to Syrians. They cannot buy food or work any more because of their current state. They need financial support to survive

2. Volunteer in Refugee Centers – Many Syrians have trouble assimilating to the new countries they are now living in. They cannot speak English well. They also are unaware of the culture of the new country they have moved to. They need volunteers like you and me to help them recover.

3. Be more open – Syrian refugees are not terrorists. Some Syrians may be part of terror attacks but that is just a small fraction. Terrorists are not just Muslims, they can be Christians, Atheists, Buddhists or any kind of religion out there. We should not condemn Syrian refugees just because they came from a war stricken country.

4. Spread awareness – The people can change legislation if enough word came from them to encourage congress. Citizens can use the internet to share news about Syrians.

I have once read this story about a man in Aleppo who helped cats who were left behind because of the war. This story became viral and by that the man received donations from all over the world. This is what he used to continue his animal shelter.

Be Kind

Syrians want to live too. They are afraid of persecution. All of us need to help them. We cannot and should not deny them the right to live.