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  • The Lurid Details...

    Click here to read about the 84 year old man who was drunk, and put his hands on a cop, and was summarily body slammed and his neck broken. They wanted to file assault charges against him.
    Click here for the story of a woman who had her teeth knocked out by a cop.
    But really, citing police brutality is too easy. that happens everywhere.
    How about federal judge Belvin Perry. Now THERE is an arrogant SOB.
    1. Judge Perry bans free speech outside Orlando courthouse.
    2. THEN he designates free speech zones, and jails a man for "indirect criminal contempt" in "violating" them.
    Or there is the story of John Kurtz-
    Copwatch activist found not guilty, goes to jail anyway.
    Or there are the numerous arrests of Food Not Bombs people for feeding the homeless in a park in Orlando.
    Here is a video of the police literally taking the food away from children- clicky clicky
    If you want to do a little something, send an e mail, make a phone call and try to redirect the popular culture,

    It's FREE! It's EASY!
    Please know that the radio industry has various monitoring entities, and if stations start
    playing a song, other stations will see it. Breaking down the door in Orlando could affect the entire country!
    Tell your friends, share this on Facebook, forums, anywhere and everywhere.
    My bottom line is- "This song is MY message. is it YOURS?" You don't have to like
    country music. You don't even have to like the song. You only have to want to tell these people to get bent.
    If you can't even motivate to do this, the line to the FEMA camp forms at your front door.