Essential Anti-War Arguments

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To some, taking an anti-war stance seems like simple common sense. However, there are people every single day who are becoming increasingly aware of some of the arguments that serve to drive the entire anti-war concept. These people are going to discover a myriad of viable reasons as to why war is not the answer.

In short, they will discover the short-term and long-term devastation that war is capable of. They will begin to learn about the true motivating factors behind war, and they will begin to see why war is a concept that is destroying lives, progress, and more in one fell swoop.

War isn’t likely to disappear from the global landscape anytime soon. However, as more and more people learn about essential anti-war arguments, the number of people who protest war in some or all forms is going to increase.

Some believe that the louder the voices against war become, the more powerful the anti-war movement as a whole is going to get.

nelson mandela photo
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Anti-War Basics

Taking an anti-war stance can sometimes mean taking an unpopular stance. In some cases, it can even mean taking a stance that will put the individual in danger. Many wars are met with disbelief and anger by a majority of the country in which the war is either declared or actually based in. However, many wars are met with strong public approval. For example, World War II was seen by a majority of people from the participating countries as a just and necessary war.

On the flip side of that, there are wars that are met with a growing mistrust, which can eventually become complete outrage. The U.S.’s involvement in Vietnam is a good example of this.

Whether there is a strong anti-war sentiment in the air during a time of conflict, or if public opinion is favorable towards the conflict in question, there are several arguments a person can make against the case for war:

  • War is immoral and unethical. With the financial and political reasons behind many wars, many see war as simply being an immoral and unethical concept.
  • The murder of innocent people is wrong. Regardless of how “popular” a war actually is, the fact remains that innocent people are going to die in the struggle.
  • Life is sacred and deserving of respect. Some believe that all life is sacred, and is therefore deserving of respect.
  • War risks the future of humanity.
  • War is completely incapable of achieving meaningful social and political goals.