America a Debt Ridden Country


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Many call America the land of the free. Many wish to fulfill the American Dream. There are so many people coming here dreaming to change their lives. America has been the land of making dreams and changing lives, but is it truly free? Is our land bound by one of the greatest chains ever – DEBT?

Credit, credit, credit

The United States runs on a particular kind of system – THE CREDIT SYSTEM. This system basically allows you to spend money you don’t have based on your capacity to pay. It gives people credit cards, mortgages, loans and car plans based on one’s credit score. What is wrong with this you might ask? Well, being allowed to spend money you don’t even have is a death trap. Once you get your paycheck it is now automatically set to go to your bank or whatever people you owe money from. Living on credit, gives you the illusion that you can do basically do anything and everything as long as you have a good credit score.

On the other side of the story are the people who do not have good credit ratings. Some of this people are immigrants, old people, people who have just moved to another are or people who refuse to go with this system and do not use credit cards. A lot of them are willing to work hard, some even harder than people who have high credit ratings but they are never given a good opportunity. They can’t have mortgages, they buy cars, heck, and they can’t even get a good TV subscription!

Most countries prefer cash payments since cash is readily available and a can be circulated back into the money system right away. But no, the American government programmed us to use credit so that we will depend on the system that they have created. So that without credit and without them marking us as eligible we are nothing. We go to universities to get a degree and make our lives better. But after we graduate we are swamped by student loans we don’t know how to pay. We hav

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e to work two jobs just to make it through.

A lot of European countries provide excellent free college education. Take Finland for example. They have ranked eighth in the best educational system for 2014 and they offer free university schooling. They pay their teachers like doctors. This system allows their graduates to go into the world debt free and start a life without worrying about paying for their past school tuition fees.

So How Do We Become Truly Free From Debt?

If you want to be truly free and you don’t want the government controlling your every move then you should avoid living a life based on credit. Use a debit card or cold hard cash instead. Stop buying unnecessary things you don’t need. Use your credit for important things like getting a house or car but never for petty things such as shopping sprees. Take control of your money. Save. Instead of having so much debt, why not turn things around and save money. Put away even $10 a month. Invest.

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United States of America stands for freedom, democracy but never debt and credit. We should go back to our roots and reclaim a land that is truly free. Be free from debt. Because debt, removes your freedom.

So how do you live a life without being dependent on credit cards? Simple, live within your means. Spend less and save more. Spend time with your family rather go shopping on the internet. Take walks in the park when you go on a date instead of going to an expensive restaurant.  Appreciate real conversations. Go back to the basics of humanity.

I am an American and I want to live a life that is debt free.