iraq photo
Photo by The U.S. Army

War has been part of the human history of thousands of years. It has crippled societies and crashed down beautiful cities. Why do we crave war? Why do people fight each other just because they think they have the God given right to change another group of people’s beliefs?

War is a Waste of Life

WARS KILL. That is the basic element of wars. Young men and women are sent off to far flung countries to face eminent death. Each step in an unknown land could be their last. They are ripped away from their families and friends.

You may argue that they are but protecting their country but why? Because either another country has challenged and disagreed with America or because their motherland wants to prove that they are better than the opponent country.

Wars may stem from damaging another country, having territorial disputes or whatever nonsense it is but I disagree that engaging in war can lead to a better outcome. It kills people. It destroys dreams.

Americans from time and time again is seen as the great Uncle Sam. Ready to fight and join in war to defend ideologies such as democracy and freedom. Why should we waste the lives in the battlefield when we can talk like civilized people. We do love our country. We love the American freedom but we should also respect other countries.

War Brings About Death to other Countries

The Vietnam War is one of the best examples that America is not magnanimous. We can be defeated. We meddled in a war in a country because we thought that communism was wrong. We supported an oppressive colonial rule of France in Vietnam. Our paranoia about Communism spreading in South East Asia launched severe airstrikes on Vietnam, killing millions of people.

The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki destroyed Japan in a monstrous way. Yes the Japanese may have been at fault but killing several millions of innocent people cannot be justified. Up until now the radiation brought about by the bombing has caused severe deformities in people.

Wars are a Waste of Resources

When our troops went to fight in Iraq the prices of oil went much higher. In that time we only imported oil at $23 for one barrel. However the war has caused the prices of oil to shoot up. In order to stop the economy from automatically crashing the Federal Banks responded by creating an economic bubble. This bubble allowed to have lesser regulations and lower interest rates. When the bubble finally burst it created the recent Recession. It was a domino effect of a war craved President.

Our people suffered. I saw people being stripped of their homes. Some were living inside their cars. Children went to bed without eating. The United States of America became weak and vulnerable. The American people became helpless and poor. This should have never happened.

iraq photo
Photo by The U.S. Army

We Can Stop the Nonsense Called War

Not all Muslims are terrorists. Not all Chinese want to overpower the United States. Being from a different belief system should never make us treat our brothers like germs that need to exterminate.

As corny as it may sound I want to say we need WORLD PEACE. If we learn to love and talk and agree to disagree the world would be a much happier place. Democracy is not the supreme and ultimate form of governance. We should learn to respect one another.

Waging war has cost many lives. Lives of young men and women who are turned inside out. Trauma has plagued our veterans. War has broken families. It has left young widows and parentless children. We should then commit into promoting peace and love for one another.

War is one of the most senseless acts that humans have devised to force another party to agree with them. It is much likes animals fighting for dominance. If we engage in such crude acts what makes us different from animals? We are humans, we should always be humane and prove our humanity.

Thanks for reading this post, I know these are distressing topics but we must take them seriously. ¬†However life isn’t all about fighting and conflict and ¬†while we must do our best to end it, we must not become obsessed with the negative. If you need a bit of lighthearted reading to refocus your brain for a bit why not think about love for a bit and visit The Love Queen.com