Let Us Help Syrian Refugees

What is a refugee? A refugee is a person fleeing his homeland because of eminent danger, persecution, violence, threats and abuse. Syria has been in a state of war since a demonstrations in March 15, 2011 that turned out to be a bloody start to a war.

The said demonstration started out as pro democratic anti government rallyists put a demonstration against the President Bashar al-Assad of Syria as well as to support the Arab Spring, a movement that happened in nearby countries of Tunisia and Egypt. The Arab Spring lead to the explusion of the Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Back in Syria, 15 young men sprayed graffiti on walls as an act of defiance against the government and to support the Arab Spring. However the Syrian President responded by arresting and torturing the 15 boys. Some of them even got killed.

After the said incident, rallyists put up a protest on March 15, 2015. However the said demonstration ended in a bloody explusion and dispersion since the president ordered a forceful tactic in stopping the said movement. He had imprisoned and tortured many of the rallyist, while hundreds more where killed.

In July of 2011, the Free Syrian Army was formed and lead a rebellion against the government to rid it of it’s President and its leaders. And thus came about the Syrian Civil War.

The Syrian Refugees

Much of Syria has been under massive bombing. Buildings are flattened out by airstrikes. Children are no longer able to go to school. Men and women suffer trauma. Many people are trapped alive in collapsing rubble of buildings being bombed.

Aleppo, one of Syria’s prominent cities has suffered a lot. Pictures on the internet circulate showing how the once beautiful city has now been turned into a pile rubble and stones.

Many Syrians have decided to flee their country in order for them to survive. Some of them have gone to Europe, Canada, Greece while others go to Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. Because of this move, many of them a victimized through slavery, prostitution, human trafficking and extortion. The paths out of Syria can be perilous and dangerous.

Leftists and rightists scatter in their way out of Syria. Some rightists groups refuse to let Syrians leave their mother country. Massive air raids however endanger their lives if they stay behind.

How to Help Syrians

Many NGOs and Government organizations alike have opened their doors to Syrians. Much of the states in US though has denied refuge to Syrian Refugees. Fear of terrorism has kept 31 US States from opening their doors to refugees.

Terrorist attacks such a the one that happened in France was said to be caused by a terrorist pretending to be a refugee who entered via Greece is something first wold countries fear.

But Syrians are humans too. They long for peace. They long for life. They want to live in peace. And the only way they can find peace is through finding refuge in other countries.

A few years back, a picture of drowned and dead Syrians shook the internet. Many Syrians cram themselves in boats to flee the air-raids and the wars.

1. Donate – A small amount of money can help give life to Syrians. They cannot buy food or work any more because of their current state. They need financial support to survive

2. Volunteer in Refugee Centers – Many Syrians have trouble assimilating to the new countries they are now living in. They cannot speak English well. They also are unaware of the culture of the new country they have moved to. They need volunteers like you and me to help them recover.

3. Be more open – Syrian refugees are not terrorists. Some Syrians may be part of terror attacks but that is just a small fraction. Terrorists are not just Muslims, they can be Christians, Atheists, Buddhists or any kind of religion out there. We should not condemn Syrian refugees just because they came from a war stricken country.

4. Spread awareness – The people can change legislation if enough word came from them to encourage congress. Citizens can use the internet to share news about Syrians.

I have once read this story about a man in Aleppo who helped cats who were left behind because of the war. This story became viral and by that the man received donations from all over the world. This is what he used to continue his animal shelter.

Be Kind

Syrians want to live too. They are afraid of persecution. All of us need to help them. We cannot and should not deny them the right to live.

The Issue of Homelessness

homeless-man-833017_640When you walk down the streets of New York, Los Angeles, London, Shibuya, Milan, Rome and many other modern day city, do you see homeless people? Do you see ragged men and women, who smell like they have not showered for days and have a look of hunger on their faces? But what did you do when you saw them? Did you turn your back or looked away, or did you help them and offer them some change?

The number of homeless people has increased over the years. In modern countries, homeless people are usually those who are unable to find suitable employment or have lost their jobs. In developing countries, children, women, elderly, disabled and even able bodied people become homeless. The loss of a decent shelter has now terribly plagued the world.

But why???

What Causes People to Become Homeless?

In the recent years, massive recession in the United States and many other developed countries like Japan, UK and European countries has caused people to lose their jobs and their homes. The cost of living in developed or rich countries has risen so greatly that decent living is no longer affordable for everyone.

1. The Economy – The economy has greatly shifted over the years. Countries have risen and fallen. Not all economic growth is good for the whole population. Some people cannot take in the amount of tax increase. They are also unable to keep up with the fast paced demands of work that is associated with economic growth. Some get left behind.

On the other hand the most common effect of the economy on people is when the economy suffers and dips. This causes people to lose their employment. Companies create budget cuts which can affect salaries or even retrenchment.

2. Lack of Job Opportunities – Sometimes people are very talented and wish to work, but they cannot find work suited for them. Other times they are said to be too old. Others are also discriminated upon because of their race. They are unable to find a job and hence they are unable to keep living in proper places.

Many people are also unable to find work because of the competitiveness in the job market. Things like physical appearance, age, school graduated from has been used to determine who gets in or who doesn’t.

3. Drug problems – Many times people fall into drugs because of someone inducing them to take drugs such as friends or partners. On the other hand, others try it to relieve stress and find an escape from their problems. They go downhill from their. They end up losing their jobs and being resented by their friends and family. Finally they become homeless.

4. Expensive Lifestyle – Many people dream of having it all. They spend money on shopping, traveling, clothes and many unnecessary things. They incur so much debt that they finally have to let go of the important things. They end up being unable to pay their mortgages. They cannot get out of debt and thus they file for bankruptcy. Some of them are too unlucky and end up on the streets.

Resolving Homelessness

It is said that the government spends more money to have homeless people on the streets rather than have them rehomed. If the government gives them training and an opportunity to start over, they can become contributing citizens who can help shape the country.

Many organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and the United Nations have tried to resolve this issue. Other religious and philanthropic groups give a temporary shelter to homeless people for a night and provide them warm food to eat.

Still some go through great lengths such as building mini houses to help those who do not have homes. This tiny homes allow the homeless to sleep in a decent place out of the weather and the rain. But not everyone is for this. Some people are against this tiny house movement.

The best possible solution to resolve homelessness is to provide rehabilitation through the combined efforts of the government and the private sector. Donations from ordinary citizens can help change their lives. They should be given a chance to change and be treated like decent human beings.

The Power of Social Media Today

The Power of Social Media Today

Social Media is definitely one of the most driving factors in today’s society. It has clearly played a very big part in how the youth and the people of this day think and react too many things. Social Media has evolved from a mere platform for disseminating information into a living entity that can shift how the social paradigm works.

Many may think that social media is the current ones that have come about in the past decade, but social media has been there since the early nineties with emailing list, chat rooms and peer to peer sharing methods. The internet has always been a social form of media; interconnecting different computers in vast space. In the beginning, the social side of the internet was emailing people for mainly business and there was the occasional MIRC and Yahoo Messenger. Back in those days it did play a part in the society but not as much as it does today.

Social Media boomed during the early 2000 when My Space and Multiply became popular. In the other side of the world, in Asia, there was Friendster. Many young people signed up for it and instantly became hooked. It became the “it” thing. But soon, Facebook was born. It has drowned out its competition My Space, Friendster and Multiply in only two years of its birth. At the same time Twitter was also becoming popular, especially among celebrities. For a while, there was a battle between these two but in the end, the dust settled and both of them are still alive today. Soon after others were born. There is Instagram for those who love pictures, YouTube which for pictures, blogs, Tumblr and many more.

Social Media and Socialization

In today’s society, social media holds a big chunk in socialization. It plays a vital role in the way we interact with others around us. Celebrities have used it to connect better with their fans and be more personable. Most young people own an SNS account so that they can keep updated with the happenings in the life of others. Many people become micro celebrities; they showcase their lives for others to see and others keep following and viewing it.

The word “selfies” was born. Many became obsessed on how the camera would represent them on these platforms. Many people want to project a happy and perfect life into the world of SNS. In many events, people take so many pictures that they sometimes forget the essence of the said event because they are having that social media moment.

Cyber bullying has become an issue even in schools. Many children who would normally find their homes a safe haven would experience taunting and bullying even at home through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or others. On the other hand, sharing posts that enlighten others towards awareness became easier. If you have an advocacy, you can easily post about it, ask your friends to repost it and make it viral. In this way you can shape the mind of many in a very easy way.

Social Media has also been the place where many love stories have been born or destroyed. Recently, Ashley Madison, an affair site has been hacked and caused many to lose face or even lose their marriages. Dating and sexual meet-ups has become much easier through Tinder, Grindr and many others. You can easily locate someone who is right in your vicinity who may be interested in casual sex or real time dating. This has removed the heavy strain for some people although it may have affected past morals and values. On the positive side of it, attracting someone with your wit and intellect has become more accessible.

Social Media and Economics


Social Media has clearly a big impact on economics and business. It has shaped the way advertising works. Before most advertisements were only shown on TV but now since more and more people use mobile devices and often check into their social media apps often, ads are now placed using this platform. Many businesses use social media pages such as on Facebook and Instagram as well as Twitter accounts in order to create promotions and allow people to see their products. In a way this is a cheaper form of advertising. Many who were not able to reach people due to lack of funds are now able to utilize this tool.

The world has also become much smaller with the advent of Skype. Many businesses are now able to do video conferencing. Some even use this platform in order to administer their business such as online schools. Learning about news regarding the stock market is also available in news forums and websites. Aside from that, this social media companies are earning millions of dollars and creating a mode of life that is now indispensable.

Social Media and Values

The birth of social media has clearly stirred the values of the youth today. It has also opened the eyes of the older generation. Many people are becoming more and more open minded because of the intercultural exchange that is going on in cyberspace. On the other hand, materialism and narcissism is on the rise. Many people are working too hard to create an image that is not truly themselves. They buy things so that they can show it off and take pictures of it and post it on FB, Instagram or Twitter. Many young girls are becoming too blatant in showing off their sexuality online. On the other hand, actual and face to face communication is diminishing. There are some social experiments where in customers in a restaurant are made to deposit their phones and the one is touches his mobile device first pays. Here many are seen as eager to use their mobile devices rather than communicate with the people they are dining with.

Social media has clearly a huge impact in our society. It is force to reckon with. It can change the course of how history works and even change the world itself. It is ever evolving. In this day and age, it is the responsibility of adults to lead their children into the proper usage of this media. On the other hand, we also need to remember that modestly and simplicity is still very important.







A Brief History Of Anti-War Movements

At times, it seems as though the anti-war movement in the United States has had its work cut out for it every single day, ever since the events of September 11th. That’s not necessarily true. Not only does the anti-war movement have roots in this country that are nearly as old as the country itself, but when you consider anti-war movements around the world, you have to understand two essential truths

We have always had war in some part of the world, and there has always been a committed, passionate group of people who endeavor to bring an end to it through peaceful means.

peace in the us photo

Understanding The Anti-War Movement

An anti-war movement is defined as a group of individuals who are opposed to the concept of war. Not only are they opposed to war as a concept, but they are against anything that stands to profit from war, anything that tries to encourage war, and anything that tries to glamorize war.

The beauty of an anti-war movement is that it can involve a few people, a few dozen people, several hundred, or tens of thousands. It can be limited to a community, but it can also reach out to encompass a large geographical area. It can even reach out to bring together people from all over the world.

With the information we now have, and the long modern history of the various wars and conflicts people have endured all over the world, more and more people are looking at the concept of war with a wary eye. An increasing number of people are joining together to speak out against things like Syria, the war against ISIS, and much more. Although the anti-war still consists very strongly of individuals who only oppose a single side in a certain conflict, an anti-war movement in which people are opposed to war as a whole is becoming more and more prevalent.

Some encouragement can be taken from the fact that the anti-war movement as a unified concept has never been stronger or more passionate. A look through the history of anti-war movements can provide a wealth of fascinating insight into the evolution of not only war, but of those who stand up for the notion that there is a better way.

peace in the us photo
Photo by -Jeffrey-

A Look At The Anti-War Movement

The anti-war movement in the present can found in numerous organizations, rallies, and other significant events. It can be found in the various conflicts and wars that are currently going on, and it can even be found in the wars and conflicts that are slowly but surely becoming something more tangible.

In order to appreciate war in the present, which would certainly have to include the protest of war, it is perhaps a good idea to give some attention to the history of the anti-war movement. While there is no singular history of this movement, since it covers so much ground, there are fascinating examples of how the anti-war movement as a concept has been achieved throughout history:

  • The Antebellum Era: This periods refers to the years between the War of 1812, and the beginning of what became known as the Civil War. Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau were amongst those who spoke out against war in all its forms, particularly in their contributions to the world of literature.
  • The Civil War: The true anti-war movement of the American Civil War wasn’t made by those who wanted to see slavery continue. It consisted of people who believed in the terrifying consequences that waited for those who survived the horrors of war, as well as those who believed that the downsides of war far outweighed any potentially positive outcomes.
  • The First World War: The Espionage Act of 1917 and the Sedition Act of 1918 gave the U.S. Government the authority to jail those who held anti-war views. That didn’t stop a strong movement that was devoted to the idea that as war became more mechanized and streamlined, the horrific components to war were only going to increase. Eugene V. Debs was amongst those arrested and jailed for speaking out against war.
  • The 2001 Afghanistan War: Although Americans were strongly in favor of this war, due to the events of September 11th, public opinion of the need for a war-like response quickly shifted from positive to negative.
  • Iraq War: One of the largest anti-war movements in recent memory was the one that came out against the Iraq War, which was seen by many as costly, destructive to the lives of innocents, and completely unnecessary.

The Future Of The Anti-War Movement

It is worth mentioning again that war is unlikely to disappear anytime soon. There are too many powerful entities with an assortment of vested interests in the idea that war is necessary and good.

peace in the us photo
Photo by Tony Fischer Photography

However, those mentalities will be met consistently by those who believe in a better world. We will always hope for change. We will always dream of peace. We will shout out “War is NOT the answer!”.



“Let there be Peace on Earth. And let it begin with ME”

Six Arguments Against War


It seems like war is more prevalent than ever. Whether you agree with that consensus or not, you can’t deny the fact that war is fairly consistent in virtually all current forms of society, and it has been something of a mainstay throughout history.

The fact of the matter is that whether a war is popular or unpopular with the general population, there are always going to be people who take a strong anti-war stance. There are several reasons as to why they might go this route. People generally have at least one or two strong arguments that they feel sums up why war is a regrettable, tragic course of action. Some people will have several clear-cut arguments in place that are designed to protest war, deconstruct the so-called reasons as to why war is a necessary component to civilized life, and illustrate the alternatives that are in fact available.

Someone who is new to the anti-war mentality is going to find the discovery of the arguments against war to be fascinating.

Ten Anti-War Arguments

The potential for new wars exists every day. Numerous conflicts are going on across the globe, even as these words are being typed.

no to war photo
Photo by World Can’t Wait

For past conflicts, current wars, and future events, these are some of the arguments against war that people are likely to be taken:

  • War is war: Even if human solider never touches the actual ground of the country they’re fighting in, even if it’s purely a war of technology, it is still war.
  • People are tired of wars: Even in situations in which public opinion of a certain war is quite high, people are by and large still very wary of everything that war can potentially entail.
  • The political component: As people are becoming increasingly aware of the political motivations behind a war, the concept of “just” wars is rapidly becoming extinct on a grand scale.
  • The war companies: We are becoming increasingly aware of how many different companies stand to gain extraordinary financial rewards for participating in a war.
  • Governments are no longer seen as being as trustworthy as they once were: Vietnam, the lack of WMDs in Iraq. These are things that have created auras of distrust, ready to meet a country that claims it has just cause for war.
  • War is expensive: Imagine how much money has been spent on war in the past ten years. Then imagine how that many could potentially have been spent on food, clothing, and education.

Essential Anti-War Arguments

nelson mandela photo
Photo by Imaginary Museum Projects: News Tableaus

To some, taking an anti-war stance seems like simple common sense. However, there are people every single day who are becoming increasingly aware of some of the arguments that serve to drive the entire anti-war concept. These people are going to discover a myriad of viable reasons as to why war is not the answer.

In short, they will discover the short-term and long-term devastation that war is capable of. They will begin to learn about the true motivating factors behind war, and they will begin to see why war is a concept that is destroying lives, progress, and more in one fell swoop.

War isn’t likely to disappear from the global landscape anytime soon. However, as more and more people learn about essential anti-war arguments, the number of people who protest war in some or all forms is going to increase.

Some believe that the louder the voices against war become, the more powerful the anti-war movement as a whole is going to get.

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Photo by Images George Rex

Anti-War Basics

Taking an anti-war stance can sometimes mean taking an unpopular stance. In some cases, it can even mean taking a stance that will put the individual in danger. Many wars are met with disbelief and anger by a majority of the country in which the war is either declared or actually based in. However, many wars are met with strong public approval. For example, World War II was seen by a majority of people from the participating countries as a just and necessary war.

On the flip side of that, there are wars that are met with a growing mistrust, which can eventually become complete outrage. The U.S.’s involvement in Vietnam is a good example of this.

Whether there is a strong anti-war sentiment in the air during a time of conflict, or if public opinion is favorable towards the conflict in question, there are several arguments a person can make against the case for war:

  • War is immoral and unethical. With the financial and political reasons behind many wars, many see war as simply being an immoral and unethical concept.
  • The murder of innocent people is wrong. Regardless of how “popular” a war actually is, the fact remains that innocent people are going to die in the struggle.
  • Life is sacred and deserving of respect. Some believe that all life is sacred, and is therefore deserving of respect.
  • War risks the future of humanity.
  • War is completely incapable of achieving meaningful social and political goals.




iraq photo
Photo by The U.S. Army

War has been part of the human history of thousands of years. It has crippled societies and crashed down beautiful cities. Why do we crave war? Why do people fight each other just because they think they have the God given right to change another group of people’s beliefs?

War is a Waste of Life

WARS KILL. That is the basic element of wars. Young men and women are sent off to far flung countries to face eminent death. Each step in an unknown land could be their last. They are ripped away from their families and friends.

You may argue that they are but protecting their country but why? Because either another country has challenged and disagreed with America or because their motherland wants to prove that they are better than the opponent country.

Wars may stem from damaging another country, having territorial disputes or whatever nonsense it is but I disagree that engaging in war can lead to a better outcome. It kills people. It destroys dreams.

Americans from time and time again is seen as the great Uncle Sam. Ready to fight and join in war to defend ideologies such as democracy and freedom. Why should we waste the lives in the battlefield when we can talk like civilized people. We do love our country. We love the American freedom but we should also respect other countries.

War Brings About Death to other Countries

The Vietnam War is one of the best examples that America is not magnanimous. We can be defeated. We meddled in a war in a country because we thought that communism was wrong. We supported an oppressive colonial rule of France in Vietnam. Our paranoia about Communism spreading in South East Asia launched severe airstrikes on Vietnam, killing millions of people.

The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki destroyed Japan in a monstrous way. Yes the Japanese may have been at fault but killing several millions of innocent people cannot be justified. Up until now the radiation brought about by the bombing has caused severe deformities in people.

Wars are a Waste of Resources

When our troops went to fight in Iraq the prices of oil went much higher. In that time we only imported oil at $23 for one barrel. However the war has caused the prices of oil to shoot up. In order to stop the economy from automatically crashing the Federal Banks responded by creating an economic bubble. This bubble allowed to have lesser regulations and lower interest rates. When the bubble finally burst it created the recent Recession. It was a domino effect of a war craved President.

Our people suffered. I saw people being stripped of their homes. Some were living inside their cars. Children went to bed without eating. The United States of America became weak and vulnerable. The American people became helpless and poor. This should have never happened.

iraq photo
Photo by The U.S. Army

We Can Stop the Nonsense Called War

Not all Muslims are terrorists. Not all Chinese want to overpower the United States. Being from a different belief system should never make us treat our brothers like germs that need to exterminate.

As corny as it may sound I want to say we need WORLD PEACE. If we learn to love and talk and agree to disagree the world would be a much happier place. Democracy is not the supreme and ultimate form of governance. We should learn to respect one another.

Waging war has cost many lives. Lives of young men and women who are turned inside out. Trauma has plagued our veterans. War has broken families. It has left young widows and parentless children. We should then commit into promoting peace and love for one another.

War is one of the most senseless acts that humans have devised to force another party to agree with them. It is much likes animals fighting for dominance. If we engage in such crude acts what makes us different from animals? We are humans, we should always be humane and prove our humanity.

Thanks for reading this post, I know these are distressing topics but we must take them seriously.  However life isn’t all about fighting and conflict and  while we must do our best to end it, we must not become obsessed with the negative. If you need a bit of lighthearted reading to refocus your brain for a bit why not think about love for a bit and visit The Love Queen.com