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  • Song Number One - "My Country My Ass"

    This song is the ANTI "God Bless the USA", and it is pretty straightforward.
    Radio should not continue the inbred notion that we live in a free country. Also, I don't think the everyday people who do the dirty work of the state should be able to go home from their job and live in a world that keeps saying how free we are. They aren't getting full credit for what they do.
    I like to say "This song is MY message, is it YOURS?" If it is, then you can click the links to the left to request the song all over the country. I sent this song to all of these radio stations.
    Click here For a .wav download, video links, and other tidbits about the song.
    If you can't find a radio station on the list, or if a link doesn't work, you can direct ANY radio station to the .wav download link and they can get the song.
    An internet search will show that the song has been well received.
    If this song can get played by mass request, it will definitely cause a shift in the cultural mindset. It's free and it's easy.
    .mp3 download is at the top of this page.

    Song Number TWO - "The American Way"

    This song is for all the Americans who enjoy war. They use the US military to take a position they feel is uncriticizeable by latching onto "their country" and supporting the troops. Then they can pass off their "patriotism" to the world in a purely selfish display to boost their self esteem and make themselves look better than others.
    I made a music video for this song. CLICK HERE
    Click here For a .wav download, and other tidbits about the song.

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